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  • Accessibility Matters: Meet Our New Book, “Inclusive Design Patterns” (Pre-Release)


    Accessibility has always been a slightly unsettling realm for web developers. Surrounded with myths, misunderstandings and contradicting best practices, it used to be a domain for a small group of experts who would "add" accessibility on top of the finished product.

    Pre-release: Inclusive Design Patterns written by Heydon Pickering

    Today we’re privileged to announce our brand new book on inclusive design patterns, written by Heydon Pickering, with dozens of practical examples of accessible interface components and inclusive design workflow, applicable to your work right away. With this book, you’ll know exactly how to keep interfaces accessible from the very start, and how to design and build inclusive websites without hassle and unnecessary code.

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  • An Introduction To Redux


    Redux is one of the hottest libraries in front-end development these days. However, many people are confused about what it is and what its benefits are. As the documentation states, Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. To rephrase that, it's an application data-flow architecture, rather than a traditional library or a framework like Underscore.js and AngularJS.

    An Introduction To Redux

    Redux was created by Dan Abramov around June 2015. It was inspired by Facebook’s Flux and functional programming language Elm. Redux got popular very quickly because of its simplicity, small size (only 2 KB) and great documentation. If you want to learn how Redux works internally and dive deep into the library, consider checking out Dan’s free course.

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  • Client Experience Design


    Let’s be honest: We designers can be difficult to work with. We might come from a controversial company culture, work an unconventional schedule or get impatient whenever our Internet connection is slower than the speed of light. Would you be at ease with a service provider who matches this description?

    Client Experience Design

    When talking to potential clients, be aware that many will have never solicited a professional design service and likely have little understanding of the design process itself. Keep in mind, too, that some clients have had a poor experience in the past. For many clients, it can be an anxious jump into the deep unknown, a big financial investment steeped in risk.

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  • Web Development Reading List #142: Contextual Identities, Form Hints, And ApplePay.js


    Today will be a day in history regardless of what happens over the next weeks. The majority of people in the UK voted to leave the EU, and this made clear once again that many people in our society think the current situation is no longer acceptable. Unfortunately, we think blaming those people is the solution, but, as we see, it isn’t. Instead, we should focus on teaching people about the root causes of problems, and we should retain from posting everything right away.

    Contextual identities in Firefox Nightly

    In other news, I’m back from vacation to bring you new articles to read. And I realized one thing: While mountaineering holds real risks and dangers, working on websites mostly does not. Of course, the security of our websites should be a top priority, but even if we fail, if a website is down for a few minutes, if we screwed up the layout on some devices, you won’t be dead. We have the opportunity to improve our work by making mistakes and fixing them.

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  • Freebie: Months And Seasons Set (12 Vector Illustrations, PNG, SVG, EPS, AI)


    Time goes by fast, so today we'd like to share a colorful freebie to remind ourselves to appreciate each and every month of the year. Have you stopped to smell the pink blooming trees in March, or pluck plenty of fruits in the generous month of August, or enjoy the falling colorful leaves in rainy November?

    Freebie: Months And Seasons Set (12 Vector Illustrations, PNG, SVG, EPS, AI)

    Every month of the year comes loaded with unique energy, so that it can give us inspiration and ideas, and then leave so many special memories behind. This background collection, dedicated to the charm and uniqueness of the twelve months of the year and its seasons, is available in PNG, SVG, AI and EPS and is all set to energize any project it becomes a part of.

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